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Kanbawza Thadi the famous palace of King Bayinnaung (1551-1581 A.D.) is being extensively excavated and some buildings are being rebuilt. King Bayinnaung was the founder of the Second Myanmar Empire which stretched from the borders of India to parts of Thailand and Laos. In 1566 A.D. he built a new capital city called Hanthawadi which is now Bago. To the south of the Shwe-Maw-Daw Pagoda he built a grand palace which he named “Kanbawza Thadi Palace”.
Excavations at the palace site were started on 25th April 1990. The Archaeological Department has now excavated six mounds which revealed the brick foundations and plinths of the old palace. Many teak pillars, some with inscriptions were also found. The Settaw Saung, one of the main rooms of the palace has been reconstructed and the work is 90 percent finished. Also the main Audience Hall (the Lion Throne Room) is being rebuilt. The palace site transferred to the Archaeology Department comprises of 9.662 acres. The reconstructed 16th century palace of Hanthawadi and the whole palace site will become a main tourist attraction in the near future.